Gearing Up for Year Ten: Summer 2015

Summer School for the Performing Arts has grown and evolved just as much as its students have. Ten years ago, around 20 students attended; ever since, numbers have grown rapidly. From year one to year ten, we have seen the addition of Technical Track, Musical Theater Studio, and Shakespeare in the Park. Summer School for the Performing Arts has been committed to fostering growth and excellence for the past 10 years.

Staff members who will be returning for their tenth year at Summer School for the Performing Arts include:

Michael Towers, Artistic Director

Christopher Gosselin, Musical Director

Kyla Blocker, Assistant Artistic Director

Stephanie Gosselin, Administrative Director

Emily Brown, Director (Musical Theater Studio)

Thomas Mitsock, Musical Theater Senior Staff

Although Summer School for the Performing Arts has grown and changed as rapidly as its students have, our goals remain the same: to provide a space for students to learn, grow, and explore their own artistic abilities. SSPA staff members continue to keep this goal in mind.

"When Michael asked for me to help him start a brand-new summer theater program for the students of Westford just about 10 years ago, I wasn't really sure what I was in for. Now, as I look back, I couldn't be more grateful to have been able to witness SSPA grow from a small summer program to an extensive, art-centered institute of learning that always puts the student first", says Christopher Gosselin.

From Godspell and Honk! in year one, to Urinetown, Pippin, Jesus Christ Superstar, 13, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and a multitude of Dramatic Acting productions in year ten, Summer School for the Performing Arts has seen a major transformation and growth.

And we hope to continue evolving for years to come.


Godspell and Honk!



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