Shakespeare in the Park

for students entering grades 10 & 11


Students registered for a five-week session will be cast in one of Shakespeare’s most popular works and will perform in the open air arena of the Westford Academy Courtyard. Led by a professional union actor in both stage and screen, the cast will explore Shakespeare’s language and themes, as well as learn the basic tools for text work in dealing with both meter and rhetorical structures. In connecting Shakespeare’s classic themes and heightened language with the contemporary world, the entire production team will develop a deeper and more personal connection to their work and to the communities they live in.


Through workshops, students will gain an understanding of the evolution of theater from the Elizabethan era to the modern day and will leave the program with a standard Shakespearean monologue for use in professional and college auditions. This track will culminate in an outdoor performance “in the park” at the end of the fifth week.


Additionally, students enrolled in Shakespeare in the Park are essential members of the SSPA staff. Our program reinforces leadership skills as the Shakespeare students are paired with Senior staff members to lead workshops and activities for younger students.


Tuition for 5 week leadership program is $1000.00.