July 6 - August 14, 2021

"We were so impressed with the program: the counselors, directors, staff, etc. and the positive/empowering philosophy of the program."    

Open House Slide Show

Photo by Steve Sheridan

There is no life skill more valuable than the ability to effectively connect and communicate with the world around us. This effective interaction begins with self knowledge. Our mission at the Summer School for the Performing Arts is to teach and exercise positive effective expression of self through the living arts: musical theater and dramatic acting. Through active participation and healthy risk taking, students will be encouraged to find their own voice and wield its great power.

Musical Theater

Students who are enrolled in either a 4 or 6 week-long sessions will be cast in one of our full musical productions. 


Technical Theater

Students will explore and exercise the element of technical theater in this open “hands on” track.

Film Production

Engage in a session of movie making and the craft of bringing characters to life on a digital platform

Dramatic Acting

Students will explore theater through improvisational games, character building exercises and scene production. Students will be introduced to both comedic and dramatic genres through a workshop process including reading, writing and acting for the stage.